We believe

  • All dollars set aside for charity should be invested in impact. They should not wait until they are granted out to create an impact. 

  • Meaningful impact can be created through both grants and investment.

  • Our donors values can be reflected across a wide spectrum of grant making, local investing, private investment opportunities, and publicly traded securities.

  • Impact investing can be simple and accessible. We create products for the every-day, the new, and the experienced impact investor. We measure our impact and share the stories of those we support and serve.

  • Philanthropy is needed more than ever, and investment dollars can come alongside philanthropy to uniquely meet needs in our communities.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to activate charitable dollars for impact through investment, education and strategic philanthropy, building a community foundation for future generations. 

What We Do

The primary vehicle we utilize is donor advised funds offered to individuals and institutions interested in aligning their charitable passions with impact investment.  

Our community members donate cash, appreciated stock, or assets into an Impact Charitable Donor Advised Fund or grant funds from an existing donor advised fund to join in our work. We invest the assets in impact in our donor's communities and aligned with their interest until they grant them out to a non-profit.

Many donors do not have the time or expertise to fully execute an impact investing strategy. Our team, alongside our partners, builds curated impact investment portfolios meeting the deepest needs in our donors' communities. 

We work with the clients to understand their giving and investing priorities, and ensure liquidity to support their grant making plans.