We believe

  • All dollars set aside for charity should be invested in impact. They should not wait until they are granted out to create an impact. 

  • Barriers to accessing capital need to be removed to create a more shared prosperity.

  • People and the planet should be prioritized over financial returns. 

  • More capital should go where it is most needed rather than where it is most profitable.

  • Philanthropy is needed more than ever. Impact investing is not a substitute for charity, but a tool for deeper impact alongside charity.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to boldly move capital to boldly change the world. 

What We Do

Donor Advised Funds

The primary vehicle we utilize is donor advised funds ("DAFs"), allowing individuals and institutions to create deeper impact through investment. At the end of 2017, there is likely over $100 billion in DAFs. We see those dollars as tools that must be unlocked to meet the needs that continue to grow in our communities. 

Our community members donate cash, appreciated stock, or assets into an Impact Charitable Donor Advised Fund or grant funds from an existing donor advised fund to join in our work. We provide opportunities to invest in deep impact until our donors make grants to their favorite non-profits.

Many donors do not have the time or expertise to fully execute an impact investing strategy. Our highly experienced team and board, alongside our partners, are building  impact investment portfolios meeting the deepest needs in our donors' communities. 

We work with the clients to understand their giving and investing plans and priorities, and ensure we can support their grant making plans while investing in impact.  

Educational Events

We educate our donors and our broader community on the opportunities and benefits of impact investing through our programs and events. Our two primary event series are:

The Spectrum Series: From Grants to Investments - Addressing specific topics with experts creating innovative solutions in both non-profit organizations and for-profit investment. Recent topics have included Economic Opportunity and Affordable Housing. 

Stories of Shared Prosperity - Inviting our community members to share the story of their journeys into impact investing and/or non-profit work.   

Fiscal Sponsorships

We support early stage ventures who are pursuing targeted impacts in our communities. These organizations are often stuck in the "grey zone" between the non-profit and for-profit worlds. We facilitate philanthropic support for their work while helping them navigate this emerging blend of impact and investments.