'Health & Wellness' PASSION PORTFOLIO

The 'Health & Wellness' Passion Portfolio is a pooled investment vehicle for Donor Advised Funds held with Impact Charitable.  The portfolio uses the donated dollars to invest in funds, companies and projects intentionally seeking positive change in the areas of health and wellness.  Impact Charitable is working with Veris Wealth Partners to deliver a world-class investment option aligned with your values and passion.  


Passion Portfolio

  1. Setting Up A DAF:  You as the donor make a donation of a minimum of $5,000 which creates a giving account in your name.  
  2. Impact Investing:  The donated money is invested in a pooled portfolio of investments carefully selected to include both a solid base of market-rate-return investments screened according to your values, plus deeper impact through direct deals in early stage companies and program related investments (PRIs).  
  3. Doubling Your Impact:  When the returns comes back from your impact investments, you can elect to donate the money to great nonprofits furthering your area of passion.  

Congratulations!  You've doubled your impact - first through your investments, and then through your charitable grants. 



  • Plug & Play:  The vehicle is built, all you need to do is start or transfer a DAF and pick your passion.  We'll do the rest, and keep you informed of your impact along the way. 
  • Passion Portfolio Advisory Committee:   Interested in helping to set the strategy, source deals and participate due diligence alongside our investment team?  Then the Advisory Committee may be for you.  Contact us to learn more:  info@impactcharitable.org 
  • Investment Group:  Are you part of a "field of interest" group that would like to manage their own portfolio?  We would be delighted to support you.  Contact us to learn more:  info@impactcharitable.org