For Donors

Too often, money set aside for charitable giving either doesn't continue to grow at market rate, or isn't aligned with your charitable values.  We want to change that.  We offer Donor Advised Funds that are 100% invested in impact-focused vehicles delivering market-rate returns. 

Financial Benefit of a Donor Advised Fund

When you open donor advised fund with Impact Charitable, you control when you get your tax deduction. For those years when you get a bonus, sell property or have another revenue event, you can get a tax deduction by putting your money in a DAF and committing it to long-term impact.

You can also use other non-cash assets to open a DAF. This could include an appreciated stock, mutual fund, or other asset you’re thinking about donating. DAFs allow you to plan ahead for your charitable giving in sync with your income levels and get your tax deduction when you want it.

Impact Before you Grant

While you take time to plan your charitable giving to the non-profits you value, put your dollars to work and invest them in impact you care about such as clean energy or economic opportunity. Socially responsible companies can achieve their mission and give you a return on your charitable dollars, growing the overall amount of money you have to donate.

Start Building Your Legacy

You can make additional contributions to your DAF, as can your family and designated contributors. Instead of making a one-time grant, you can plan years of giving as your DAF grows from the returns on your impact investments. And you don’t need to be a millionaire to build a legacy; $5,000 is the minimum contribution for a DAF.

Start Investing in Impact

We create a "safe space" where you can start to experiment with impact investing. Learn how you can align your investments and returns with your charitable goals with money you've already marked for charity. Watch your dollars at work and experience first-hand the power of impact investing. Learn about our investment funds.

 Impact Charitable does not provide legal or tax advice.  All information is intended to be educational in nature, and is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal or tax advice.  Tax benefits and consequences differ from person to person, and vary depending on the federal or state laws applicable to each person.