Passion Portfolios

Double Your Impact Through Passion Portfolios

On May 12th, our Executive Director, Kate Reinemund, presented at the "Women Transforming Social Impact" event in Denver, where she announced our new, first-of-their-kind, products called Passion Portfolios.  It's the first tool that allows donors to both give and invest in their passion area.  You can find her comments and slides below.  And to learn more, visit our Passion Portfolios page.  

Impact Charitable has partnered with the Impact Wealth Management Firm, Veris Wealth Partners.  Veris exists to support the rapidly growing number of people who believe they can have a positive impact for the world through their wealth.  Many of you know Casey Verbeck, Director of Veris, who is here this evening and is a generous sponsor tonight. 

Now, let’s say you have $5,000 and you want use that money to have an impact in the community.  So, immediately you start thinking about where you want to donate it.  What if I told you that you could multiply your impact with that same $5,000.  You can do this through a new kind of Donor Advised Fund.  Here’s how it works. 

You as the donor make a donation of a minimum of $5,000 which creates a giving account in your name.  Now you have some time to determine where you ultimately want to give away that money.  In the meantime, the money can be put into impact investments. 

And that’s where we come in. In partnership with Veris, we have crafted an impact investing portfolio for your giving fund.  The investments are carefully selected to include both a solid base of market rate return investments screened according to your values, plus the opportunity for deeper impact through direct investments in early stage entrepreneurs and program related investments (or PRIs).

Now, when your investments are returned from that portfolio, you’ve doubled your impact: first through your investments, and then through the grants you can give away from those returns. 

So, what you have is one place where you can use the full spectrum of tools to multiply your impact.  It’s a safe place to learn about impact investing with dollars you have already donated. 

Now it gets even better.  We are launching what we are calling the Passion Portfolios, the first of their kind.  These are themed portfolios where the investments are chosen in order to achieve impact in that particular passion area.  The first we are launching is the ‘Investing In Women’ portfolio. 

It will include stable, market rate investments screened with a gender lens.  It will include unique opportunities to support women entrepreneurs around the world, such as through the good work of Capital Sisters.  And it will include the ability to invest in great private companies and leaders such as those coming through Impact Circle.  This is the first place where you can invest and give within your area of passion.  And no where else will your $5,000, or $50,000, or $100,000 go so far.  

So join us.  Double your impact through your philanthropic efforts.  

Beyond donating cash, you can also:

·      Donate appreciated stock and other assets, or

·      If you have an existing donor advised fund, you can transfer it easy.  As we like to say, “Roll over your DAF for Impact”

We’ve built the tool and are ready for you to partner with us.  Together, we are striving to raise $5 million for impact.  

Come see us to learn more.  And if you’d like to play a part in the crafting of this passion portfolio, please save the date for a planning meeting on June 16th.  Thank you.