An Entry into Impact Investing :: Javaun Garcia, Intern

I’m super excited that I’ve had the opportunity to join the Impact Charitable ("IC") team! The ability to venture into the nonprofit world and social impact investing has helped me grasp some of the moving parts that make this industry what it is. I find Social impact as a field really intriguing because it is so novel, and yet, it is coming up with inventive ways to use the fundamentals of business practices to maximize social impact. I’m headed into my junior year at the University of Wyoming as a Social Work and Business Management major, and, thus far, I’ve struggled to find a field that balances the elements of the things I found important. Like most others who are drawn to this field or line of work, I’ve always known that the career I wanted to choose had to be more than a paycheck. Simply put, I wanted the work I did to actually matter; and not necessarily for my own self-fulfillment, but to help solve some of the social injustices that I, and others, have to deal with every day. This thought process took me on a variety of intended career paths: politics, human resources, corporate social responsibility, etc., but it wasn’t until I talked to a family friend that I knew the world of social impact investing even existed. For that, I am grateful. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to use business practices that have existed forever but instead of using them for profit maximization, get to use them in a way that promotes social equity. 

Thanks to Ed and the Impact Charitable team, I’m privileged enough to have an introductory layout of how social impact investing works. Through our work this summer on research projects for IC and Cornerstone Capital Group, I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with individuals, nonprofits, and foundations across the nation. These conversations have shown me the inspiring and groundbreaking things happening in social impact investing. I appreciate all of the people who have helped me through the transition thus far, and am eager to continue my work in impact investing.

Javaun Garcia - Summer 2018 Intern