Investment Approach

Many donors do not have the time or expertise to fully execute an impact investing strategy. Our team, alongside our partners, builds curated impact investment portfolios meeting the deepest needs in our donors' communities. 

Impact Charitable helps our clients be intentional about impact across a wide spectrum of funding and investment opportunities. To solve problems and create opportunities in our communities, we must be strategic with all forms of capital. Some issues simply require grant capital with no expectation of repayment; however, targeted investments can be an important tool in creating sustainable solutions. 

Our mission is to not reduce the amount of money given out in grants, but to change the way that money set aside for charity is invested. Dollars set aside for charity should not wait to create impact until they are given away. 

We build cohesive strategies utilizing grants, concessionary investments, and market rate investments to maximize the impact of charitable dollars. 


There will always be a need for philanthropy, and needs continue to grow. We will work with donors to achieve the impact they desire through grants alongside investments aligned with their values.  

We encourage our donors to leverage assets earmarked for charity by investing them in impact investments, until you're ready to donate. Dollars set aside for charity should not wait until they are given away to create impact. 


Impact Investing

Investments under CONCESSIONARY RETURNS and terms (Deep impact portfolio - up to 25% of all assets)

There is opportunity to create market rate returns while creating positive impact. However, this is not always the case. There are many opportunities to make impactful investments that can generate returns, though they may not be able to meet traditional market-rate expectations for return, risk mitigation, liquidity, or term. 

We utilize donor advised fund dollars to create a new source of capital that can make investments that might not otherwise occur. We can structure a portion of our investment portfolio to provide businesses and projects with the best chance to succeed and create deeper and more sustainable impact

Our team, alongside our experienced partners, will create a curated and diverse portfolio of targeted impact investments aligned with our donor's values. Donor recommended direct investments may also be facilitated within this portion of the investment portfolio. 

Market-Rate Investments (Core portfolio - at least 75% of assets)

We bring the best minds and funds in market-rate impact investing in the public market to your Donor Advised Fund across all asset classes and a broad spectrum of thematic values.  This portion of our investment portfolio provides liquidity, risk mitigation, diversification, and efficient deployment balancing out the more unique features and limitations of the Deep Impact portofolio. 

Thematic Values we address across Philanthropy and Impact Investments include, but are not limited to:  

  • ESG Divest/Invest
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Afforadable Housing
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Accessible Education
  • Clean Energy
  • Environment
  • Financial Services / Access to Capital
  • Health
  • Water
  • Gender Lens